Create the Home of Your Dreams With Tubro Construction!

The decision to build your new home from the ground up is not an easy one, nor is it a simple project. Here at Tubro Construction, we know from experience how momentous this accomplishment is, and guide you from start to finish in crafting your dream home!

The Process of a Custom Home From Tubro Construction

Our superintendents work directly with you every step of the way for a seamless, enjoyable experience. We let you have autonomy in the process of building your home, keeping you at the helm of the project!

Here’s what you can expect when you trust Tubro with your custom home:

#1: Consultation with Tubro Construction Team

First, we present you with options for all aspects of your home, including the floor plan and the lot location of your future home. From here, blueprints are drafted!

#2: Meet With Our In-House Estimator

Once the blueprints are finalized and approved, our in-house estimator gets to work, helping you choose selections and items needed to build your home exactly as you envision it. This includes fixtures, lighting, finishes… all details!

#3: Framing Stage

Next, framing. When your lot is prepped with the foundation for your custom home, it’s time to get vertical! You will start to see your blueprints come to life by our hands as wood, steel studs, and roof trusses make up the “skeleton” or “shell” of the home.

#4: Drywall Stage

Following framing, next up is drywall. This stage is when we go in and install heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical wiring throughout the home. Drywall seals all of those functionalities into the walls!

#5: Finishing Touches

Then, we enter the endgame with the finishing touches of primer and paint! Once all is dried, we go in and install everything, from kitchen counters and cabinets to bathtubs and vanities, flooring too! When we’re done, the home will be a blank canvas for you to decorate just how you’d like!

#6: Final Inspection & Walkthrough

A mandatory yet exciting step – a local building official conducts an inspection of your finished home. This process certifies the home is compliant with codes and ultimately, suitable for occupants to live in. When complete, you’ll receive a certificate of occupancy, which legally allows you to move in!


Ready to plan the custom home of your dreams? Contact Tubro Construction today to get started!

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