Modernize Your Kitchen With a Remodeling Project

Modernize Your Kitchen With a Remodeling Project

We specialize in kitchen renovations in Ravensdale, WA and Maple Valley, WA

Tubro Construction uses the latest technology to design and build contemporary kitchen renovations across the Pacific Northwest. We can demolish your outdated kitchen to create a blank canvas for your remodeling project.

We'll sit down with you to go over your ideas and use CAD software to create a mock-up of your design. We can also reroute electrical wiring and plumbing to modify your kitchen layout.

For more information about kitchen renovations in Ravensdale & Maple Valley, WA, call us at 253-216-2633 today.

3 good reasons to hire kitchen remodeling contractors

Don't settle for DIY kitchen remodeling. Tubro Construction has a team of talented kitchen remodeling contractors on staff to help you achieve the look you want. We can:

  1. Install drywall, flooring, appliances, counters and cabinets.
  2. Knock down walls and rearrange your kitchen floor plan.
  3. Add custom features, like a breakfast bar or upscale lights.

Reach out to our kitchen remodeling contractors in Ravensdale & Maple Valley, WA today to request a free estimate.